How can God allow suffering to happen?

Via Tyler Ugalde

"People come to me and ask why God created this suffering world. "Why is there so much suffering if God is compassion?"

Yes, God is compassion. Therefore, there is so much suffering. Unless you pass through suffering, you will not reach the ultimate ecstasy. It is a basic training.

Unhappiness is a basic training for the ultimate flowering of happiness. Every suffering is a Buddha seed.

How can you reach ecstasy if you have not known agony? If you reach the world of ecstasy without knowing what agony is, you will not be able to recognize it.

The recognition is impossible. Only through darkness can light be recognized. You may be living in light, but if you don't know darkness, you cannot know that you are living in light.

A fish in the sea cannot know that the sea exists. Only if the fish is thrown out of the sea, does it come to recognize the sea.

If it is thrown back into the sea again, the fish will be totally different and the sea will be totally different to the fish. Now the fish will be able to recognize it.

The world is just a training ground. You must be thrown deeply into matter."

~ Osho

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