11 Spiritual Meanings of Possum and Spirit Animal Symbolism

In the African tribe, the possum is seen as a rodent or pest and it is greatly met with hostility from farmers whenever it is found.

However, paying a little bit of attention to this animal will reveal deep spiritual truths about your life to you. This is why you should always learn to pay attention to the possum spirit animal whenever it appears to you.

It’s a way to communicate with us


The universe can communicate with us through different means. 

The higher spirit is not visible to the human eyes – except if you are gifted with the ability to see into the spirit world.

However, the universe can speak to you through various means like spirit animals and objects.

The possum is one of the few animals that can be used to communicate a spiritual message to our consciousness.

Whenever you see the possum, it is a sign that the universe has something to say to you. Most times, it is a sign that the message is an important one, and you should never take it for granted.

It’s a sign of protection

Spiritual protection

In addition to this, the possum is a sign of protection over you and your family. Whenever you see the possum, it is a sign that the universe has come to protect you and every member of your family from coming harm.

It is believed that the possum is an animal that is protective of its family members.

Therefore, the universe can use the possum to speak to you and your family members. The protective charm around the possum can protect you from every spiritual attack, which might be targeted at you to harm you.

The possum is an animal that wipes away every negative energy from your environment. Whenever you see a possum, it is a sign that there is negative energy around you, but the good news is that the possum will protect you from getting affected by the negative energy.

The spiritual power of the possum animal can also heighten your psychic abilities whenever you see the possum. 

The spirits of our lost loved ones coming to visit us

Lost loved ones

There is a belief that talks about the spirits of our lost loved ones coming to visit us through the possum – most especially if the deceased is a member of our family.

This is true as well. Rodents are one of the commonly possessed animals that can be used by the spirit of the dead to communicate with their loved ones. Therefore, whenever you see the possum, it is a sign that the spirit of your lost loved one has come to visit you.

There are other specific meanings about the possum, which will make a lot of sense to your personal and daily living, there are 11 spiritual meanings of seeing a possum around you, which will address specific parts of your life. In this article, we are going to address all of these spiritual meanings in more detail as you read on to find out.

The possum animal is an interesting animal with amazing qualities and features, which can communicate divine messages to our soul, life and relationships. 

What are these spiritual messages?

Let us look at them one after the other.

What is Possum symbolize?

The Possum Symbolism

When you understand the symbolic meaning of a possum, it will help you to effectively identify the message of the universe to you through the possum.

The dominant symbolism of the possum lies in the ability of the possum to grant fertility to infertile people. The possum is an omen of fertility.

This is why certain rituals for wealth and good luck target the spirit of the possum to make them effective.

The possum is believed to bring great increase and multiplication to everything you lay your hands upon.

If you have been experiencing lack and unfruitfulness in any area of your life, the possum has come to tell you that you will begin to experience fruitfulness in anything you lay your hands upon.

The possum is a sign of fertility

Pregnant woman

The possum is a sign of fertility in women as well.

I heard the story of a barren woman in the northeastern region, who kept the possum for months, fed it, and always spoke to it in the form of meditation.

She became pregnant and gave birth within 14 months.

Therefore, a lot of people who have conception problems will always pray to the spirit of the possum to grant them fertility for their problems. Whenever you see the possum, it is a sign that you are going to conceive a child.

The possum is also a symbol of strong parenting

Father and mother

If you plan on starting a family, it is advisable to call upon the possum animal to help you to become a better parent.

Parents need to call upon the spirit of the possum animal for wisdom and insight about parenting.

The possum is a kind animal but can become very protective and hostile when it comes to protecting their family from every form of danger from predators and so on.

Therefore, whenever you need the wisdom and skill of strong parenting, the possum is the perfect spiritual symbolism for this part of your life.

The possum is a symbol of patience

Patience with everyone

There are certain times in our lives when things don’t seem to go according to our plan, during these times, we need to become patient and allow time to play out things in our favor.

Whenever you see the possum, it has come to tell you that patience is needed to see things.

Whenever things don’t seem to go your way, or according to how you have designed it, then you should realize that the higher spirit has a different plan for you.

However, you will not be able to understand this reality if you are hasty in making decisions or conclusions.

It's important to be patient enough to allow things to play out according to the design of the universe. When this happens, you will eventually understand why things did not go according to your plan, and benefit from what the universe has to offer.

Possum Spiritual Meaning: 11 Messages for You

Possum spiritual meaning

The possum carries 11 divine messages, which will guide you to live the best of your life. The physical features and abilities of the possum bring a lot of divine messages to us, which must be paid attention to and acted upon.

Finding the possum around you brings a lot of deep spiritual messages because of the atmosphere it creates around your environment. This is why you need to become spiritually sensitive to pick all of the signs that come with the presence of the possum around you.

I have discovered 11 powerful messages, which can be gotten from the possum. These spiritual messages will transform your life by enlightening you on the different steps to take as you journey towards self-actualization and development.

1) Your dreams will be fulfilled

The possum is an animal that brings encouragement to those who are depressed.

Whenever you feel as if your efforts are not yielding results, the possum animal can come into your life to inform you about the universe’s effort to ensure that your life turns out well.

Most times, we give up because of our lack of patience or doggedness to see the fruits of all of our efforts.

Therefore, whenever you find the possum, it is bringing a message to you that the universe is actively working to ensure that all of your dreams are fulfilled.

2) You are not at a disadvantage

The possum looks small and fragile, but it has thrived greatly even amid hostile environments because of its tenacity and strong will to survive – which is its strength.

Therefore, whenever you see the possum, it has come to tell you that you are not at a disadvantage.

Even though you have some weaknesses which can make you vulnerable, you should also discover your strength and leverage it to survive greatly amid harsh situations.

Everyone has their weaknesses, but focusing on those weaknesses will never make you survive.

To be on top of the food chain, you have to understand that your weakness is not meant to weaken you, it is meant to help you to discover your strength.

3) Trust in your intuition

You need to always trust your inner intuition when it comes to making decisions for your life.

You must get to a point where you trust yourself enough to know when to make a move or take an action for your life.

Most times, I have realized that the universe will lead us through our inner intuition. Therefore, if you stop trusting your inner intuition, you will live a life of confusion and darkness.

Therefore, whenever you begin to doubt your ability to know what to do and make wise decisions, you will always find the possum around you to encourage you about learning to trust your inner intuition.

Trusting your inner intuition is the key to a life of clarity and fulfillment.

4) You are intelligent

The possum is an intelligent animal. Therefore, finding the possum around you is a sign that you share the same intelligence and wisdom as the possum.

It is a sign that you should learn how to use your intelligence and wisdom to solve life’s issues and not just your emotions.

It is a sign that you are intelligent and skillful enough to take on the challenge that life brings to you. This is a message that breeds confidence in your heart to put your divine skills to use.

5) Become a team player

The companion of good friends is the safest place in the world. The possum is one of the animals on earth with a team spirit. This is why they achieve a lot of great things in the animal kingdom.

They leverage the relationships around them and work together with other possums to achieve a feat.

This brings a message to you about becoming a team player at your workplace. Never work in isolation.

You will be perceived as proud and hostile by other people, which will affect your peace and free flow of work at your workplace. Therefore, if you are a career-focused individual, the possum has come to tell you that it is important for you to be a team player to achieve career success.

6) Success

The possum is an animal that brings success to everything you do.

If you are about to start a business, it is good to invoke the spirit of the possum animal into your life. It is believed that the possum spirit will bring you tremendous success in anything you do.

Furthermore, if you are having difficulty achieving anything worthwhile in your life, then allow the possum to smear you with the positive energy that attracts success into your life.

7) Fertility

When you face conception issues as a woman, the universe will send the possum to you as a sign of good news.

The possum is an omen of fertility. Therefore, whenever you see the possum around you, it is a sign that you are going to bear a child.

In ancient cultures, the possum is seen as one of the most fertile animals that can grant fertility to everyone around them.

With the possum animal around you, there is an assurance that your conception issue has come to an end, and you will give birth to a child.

8) Learn how to adapt to changes

Change is constant in life. This is why you have to be ready to accept changes whenever it happens.

The issue with a lot of people lies in the uncertainty and discomfort, which every change brings. However, it is not enough for you to reject the possibility of a changing season.

This is the message from the universe from the possum. When you see a possum, it is time to develop a strong mindset to accept change and adapt to it whenever it comes – because it might come unannounced sometimes.

9) Be optimistic

The optimistic power of the possum is enough to keep you motivated through life.

Whenever you see a possum, it is time to become motivated and energetic.

Dreams take a long time to become a reality, and there is a tendency for us to become demoralized in the process.

This is why the possum has come to show itself on your path. It has come to tell you that becoming optimistic is going to change your approach towards life, and eventually the results you get from life.

10) You are protected

If you have belongings, which are precious to you, and you cannot afford to lose, then the possum is a good guardian.

It will protect all of your precious items from harm and danger – most especially your kids (if you have one).

The possum is an extremely protective animal when it comes to its family. Therefore, the universe can use the possum as a sign of protection over your family. This is a good sign that breeds hope and confidence.

11) Nothing is wrong with your life

The possum can be a correction from the universe concerning your life. It is a sign that nothing is wrong with your life.

Whenever you feel as if you are missing out on something in your life, the universe can send the possum to inform you about your perfect life. This is a reassurance that your life is perfect and there is no need to feel otherwise.

Dead Possum Spiritual Meaning

Dead Possum Spiritual Meaning

Whenever you find a dead possum, it has the following spiritual meanings attached:

  • It brings a warning that someone is trying to harm you. The death of a possum is a sign of its defeat. Therefore, it brings a sign of impending danger. In this case, you might need to perform some protective spells to shield yourself from this attack.
  • It signifies the end of a season of your life. It is believed that death is the beginning of a new life. Therefore, when you see a dead possum, it is a sign of the end of the current phase of your life, which will lead to the beginning of a new phase.
  • There is a huge storm ahead. Whenever you see the possum, it is a sign that there are going to be a lot of terrible times and situations in your life, but you have to remain strong irrespective of what you face.

Possum Spirit Animal

Possum Spirit Animal

The possum spirit animal is full of intelligence and wisdom. This is why you will find intelligent people to be closely associated with the possum spirit animal.

Whenever you observe that your thirst for knowledge is greater than your desire for fame or money, then you have the possum spirit animal. 

Furthermore, when you find yourself extremely aggressive when it comes to protecting those you love, then this is a sign that the possum is your spirit animal.

Those who are possessed by the possum spirit animal are always highly successful in their careers and businesses because of the intelligence and skill they exude.

Animal Totem Possum


The possum totem is associated with protection and hard work. 

Having the possum as your totem animal will make you hard working. When you suddenly develop the passion to become consistent and persistent at whatever you do irrespective of the results you are getting, then, the animal totem possum dwells with you.

Furthermore, you will become overly protective of those around you.

Those with the possum totem are intelligent, and they attract each other. Therefore, if the possum is your totem, then there is a high likelihood that your twin flame will belong to the same totem category.

What does it mean when a Possum Crosses your Path?

When a Possum Crosses your Path

When a possum crosses your path, then it is time to prepare for a major change.

This change will come unannounced. It might be a relocation or a breakup. However, the possum crossing your path has come to show you that there is a change that is coming into your life, which might negatively affect you if you fail to prepare adequately for the transition.

Furthermore, the possum crossing your path is a good sign that an opportunity is coming your way. This fills you with positive energy and hopes that the future will be better than your present.

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