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RJ Arsenault

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Co-Founder of Growing for Freedom and the Freedom Community. 

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Thank you for everything you do! The community wouldn't be the same without each of you. We all have something to contribute. Let's share our strengths and continue to make the community even better!
    • Completely agree

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      Reposted Adeola's video.
      Faces All Mothers Make
      Faces All Mothers Make Pt 2
      Added a video  
      POISON mRNA MEAT EXPOSED! - They Want To Vaccinate Your FOOD! - MASS Genocide!
        • It’s now more important than ever to know where our food is coming from. They consider lab grown meats to be real meat as it’s cultivated from the animal cells. The packaging will only identify the animal… not where it comes from. Of course they try to sell it as this wonderful breakthrough and it’s totally safe… now where have we heard that before…??? 🤔

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