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Randy lamirante

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Me and peace man at the Northgate mall with the freedom tour
    • So sorry we missed them today and last night!

      Pic below is from the New Liskeard event.

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      Freedom survives another day on New Liskard
        • What a great day!!

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            • Isn't that the truth! Nothing about health being promoted, gyms closed but LCBOs were allowed to stay open, small biz shut down - big box stores allowed to stay open, health care slowed down to a crawl from an already long waiting period, severely delayed medical procedures resulting in terminal diagnoses & death, seniors neglected to the point of dying in horrible conditions, suicide rates up especially among teens, support services shut down, more addicts dying in the streets than ever before, and on and on and on. Censorship to squash any ability to have a conversation about anything that doesn't fit the narrative. MP's getting raises during the pandemic - not missing a file during this. It's brutal.

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                • It's BS that the pharma companies are not responsible for anything, just like our current government.

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                        • This is so true! That's why its so important that the in-fighting stops.

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                          dp24 live at 6...the mask mandate was lifted 5 days all they talk about again is covid..theyre going to vaccinate 148 animals at the toronto zoo...2 doses each..lmfao...i will so never go near that lib-tard zoo again...they better hope the lions arent anti-vaxxers...tory the story announced hes going to run again...please make it stop...i cant take listening to his bleeding heart for 4 more years...enough now...its time for change...your prime minister is being shamed in europe by the other nato leaders...what a fucken joke...but like i said when the freedom convoy was going...the whole world is watching and they all see what a useless p.o.s. leads canada...anybody know whats going on with this ukraine russia deal? beginng to think its like only see what your tv wants you to see...this prime minister of ukraine...young a former actor...i know another prime minister just like should all be wondering why biden and truedeau support him so much...because that cant be a good should all be wondering why nobody is stopping it...they just keep taking stuff away from russia...fuck i swear...i thought they had them when they took away mcdonalds and star should also all be wondering why putin is just toying with them...we all know ..he could wipe out ukraine in 30 seconds...if he wanted to...i tell yas...what a time to be alive...hows that 2.00 a litre diesel fuel working out?...price of everything has tripled...i have a 40% fuel surcharge in place now..and im just 1 guy...ah well..its gotta get better... right?...wrong...dp24...the real news
                            • Do you have a link to that channel?

                              • No it's actually a friend on fashist book he does this I just copy and paste I get a kick out if it some time lol

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                                dp24...ndp and liberals gonna give out free dental and heath know who needs free stuff? canadians and people that dont know who pays for the free stuff?...the people that work.and pay taxes..what a time to be alive...dp24 the real news
                                  • the regular worker definitely needs better healthcare and more government support

                                    • It is time to gather together in our cities and create a new system for the people, one that does not rely on theft (taxes).

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