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Northern Freedom Alliance

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What is Northern Freedom Alliance?

An alliance of concerned people & business owners in Northern Ontario defending the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms from the rising threat of authoritarianism.


Mission Statement:

Support "End the Lockdowns" to ensure that all businesses remain open, that accurate information is shared with the public, and that medical freedom is honored via:

  • Education on the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms to people and businesses
  • Action in the forms of peaceful protests/rallies/celebrations
  • Continuous pressure via letters, forms, petitions, & legal documents on officials to hold them accountable


How to Get Involved!

  • Contact us to let us know where you feel you would help us make the most impact
  • Join one of the committees that are forming to address the many areas of concern
  • Sharing information is key as well as taking action in the above mentioned forms
  • Participate in bi-weekly rallies/celebrations & bi-weekly Freedom Meetups
  • Donations are appreciated to help with the cost of printing and purchase/rental of equipment, platform, signs, banners, t-shirts, etc…


The time is now to speak your truth & stand in your convictions!  You are not alone!






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