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Gary Britting

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Thoughts become reality, careful what you think about! Health & Wellness advocate. Sharing the truth, facts not fiction.😁

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Defeat the Mandates in DC LIVE coverage. An American Homecoming!!
See video link. Early C19 treatment protocols with Zinc ionophores and how they work in the human cell. Dr Vladimir Zev Zelenko found this video & supplements that work too! Quercitin and EGCG from green tea. However if you can get Hydroxycholoroquine or Ivermectin, then they work best. Btw, note the one study referenced in the video with Dr Ralph Baric‘s name on it. He created the bio weapon and the cure. How else would the elite keep themselves from dying? That’s why they are blocking early treatment protocols from the rest of the population. We die, they don’t. Bastard!!
    • He def needs to be stopped. World level psychopath

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        • That is the best thing we could all do!

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            • Finally!! Getting used to not looking over my shoulder. Lol

              • Love the camo.

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