Good thing summer is coming. A good reason to pull our bikes from thr sheds and start two-wheeling it!
At least some ppl have a sense of humour... At the Ottawa Convoy rally.
    • Sidenote - the last pic - my friend (male) actually was trying to unzip his coat to flash the guy, except his zipper was frozen. 🤣

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      Campaign to Stop Bullying the Doctors.  Very easy - everything is pre-filled as far as the letters go.  Auto-fills info for your province's representatives.  Can't hurt.  https://www.votervoice.net/mobile/LifesiteNewsCA/campaigns/89445/respond  
      Rally for Freedom in honour of Rosa Parks, this Saturday in North Bay Ontario! Come out and join the movement!  
      Hello Canadians, check this out!!! It's late as far as I'm concerned, but better than never. https://mounties4freedom.ca/  
      What an awesome event in North Bay Ontario for the World Wide Rally . Heard from Dr. Patrick Philips and PPC Nipissing - Timiskaming candidate Greg Galante. Many Freedom Fighters were there supporting - Amazing day!!
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        Well then, this speaks volumes of truth with the way things are here in . There are public servants in many areas atm that are/have been the person that this meme is warning about.  The power needs to go back to the people. Enough is enough.   
        Great event in Sudbury this past Saturday with Chris Sky!!!  Promoting Freedom!!!  Got to hang out with so many other amazing Freedom Fighters!!!  #NorthernOntario Fighter
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