with Chris Sky - convoy leaving North Bay Ontario from Waterfront Saturday November 6 that 745am.  
Look what I found - pay close attention to the date. I would like to know why that would be a good idea to buy this to help "combat" C19. How did they know in 2016 that C19 would be a thing?-land    
    • So here is an explanation that I received - and quite possibly true: That this the top part of the ad that says: "Attention! Are you a business..." was a blanket statement that was added to all the Gov. of Canada ads for procurement. Ever. If its an ad that they posted, no matter when, or for what, that they will all have this attached. So even closed tenders would have this on them.  


      Why would they do that? To cause confusion? Is it an honest oversight by whoever was in charge of doing this? To me, it would have made sense to add to any ads in specific categories in relation to health and wellness. Or add a pinned post with this on it at the top of the page when looking for procurement ads. Not attached to all ads, present and past. 



      • It sounds like they did it to cause confusion. The government does not have our best interest or the best interest of businesses at heart.

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      Dr. Patrick Philips at the Northern Freedom Alliance World Wide Rally speaking truth! So grateful to have had him there!  
      What an awesome event in North Bay Ontario for the World Wide Rally . Heard from Dr. Patrick Philips and PPC Nipissing - Timiskaming candidate Greg Galante. Many Freedom Fighters were there supporting - Amazing day!!
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        Great event in Sudbury this past Saturday with Chris Sky!!!  Promoting Freedom!!!  Got to hang out with so many other amazing Freedom Fighters!!!  #NorthernOntario Fighter
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