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Rally for Freedom in honour of Rosa Parks, this Saturday in North Bay Ontario! Come out and join the movement!  
Hello Canadians, check this out!!! It's late as far as I'm concerned, but better than never.  
There is no excuse for the "passport".  Stand up now or the last 1.5 yrs will pale in comparison to what will be. "Show me your papers." never led to anywhere good. Remember your history and your power.
    • We will more than likely see people with puppy's pinned to their fing masks.

      • To their what? Fing? Like F-ing... Oh I get it now. Lol. And yes, so sad. They even glamorize the masks with bling bling. So cool....Not! 

      • Totally agree!

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        Had a little chat with Nipissing-Timiskaming candidate and friend and member Greg Galante.  
        Things are getting real here in Canada - a few weeks and they will approve vaccines for kids 5+, and introducing the Digital ID Passport by late Fall. Everyone needs to prepare and rise up. The time is now... The one pic should be "their" logo, and we need to realise that we are more powerful than them. 
        En Route to Kirkland Lake! Woot woot - Road Trip :) Northern Freedom Alliance, MAD - Mother's Against Distancing, and PPC Leader Maxime Bernier.
          • Looks like lots of fun 

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            Well then, this speaks volumes of truth with the way things are here in . There are public servants in many areas atm that are/have been the person that this meme is warning about.  The power needs to go back to the people. Enough is enough.   
            Great event in Sudbury this past Saturday with Chris Sky!!!  Promoting Freedom!!!  Got to hang out with so many other amazing Freedom Fighters!!!  #NorthernOntario Fighter
            Shirts for sale!! Get your Northern Freedom Alliance Shirt by filling out the form and submitting form and e-transfer to: End date for this order is Friday, June 18th - eta for delivery is 7-10 days.     
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