Good thing summer is coming. A good reason to pull our bikes from thr sheds and start two-wheeling it!
When the food shortages come, ppl should go grocery shopping at their local politician's homes. Just saying - they have lost nothing during all of this, in fact - they got pay raises bc we aren't all in this together. Now they won't take a hard stand on the PM who is inciting hate and going to disrupt our supply chain? We are talking food, medical supplies, etc... This guy in the video explains it like it is.
    • time for sling shots :)

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      "OFF WITH THEIR HEADS"  Supports 's Riccardo Bosi's Call to Bring Back the Death PenaltyWe The People demand Justice !!!o7 AustraliaOneParty "These People Need To Pay For What They've Done" - Kenan Repost If You Support This Motion 
      Campaign to Stop Bullying the Doctors.  Very easy - everything is pre-filled as far as the letters go.  Auto-fills info for your province's representatives.  Can't hurt.  
      This is brutal. If you are A Canadian, watch this. If you aren't, watch this to know what we are facing from our own "leader". The struggle is real!
      Rally for Freedom in honour of Rosa Parks, this Saturday in North Bay Ontario! Come out and join the movement!  
      Hello Canadians, check this out!!! It's late as far as I'm concerned, but better than never.  
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